Things to look for when selecting a paver contractor


  • How long have they been installing pavers? PAVER TRADERS, LLC (PT) has been installing pavers since 2005. Collective experience of our staff is over 25 years.


  • Does the installation company have a showroom? Many installation companies operate out of their truck and do not maintain an actual business location; PT has a real business location, an office where you can meet our friendly and helpful staff, and we also have a large showroom and display area for you to see your options in blends, shapes and patterns. Showroom hours are by appointment Monday - Friday. Just call us and will gladly help you with your selections.


  • Are they licensed and can they provide a copy of that license to you? PAVER TRADERS, LLC has a license (C-10276) with the Pinellas County Construction Licensing Board (PCCLB), along with occupational licenses with most of the municipalities in the bay area; if one is required that we do not currently hold, we will apply for the license prior to the start of the project and can provide a copy of it to you upon request.


  • Will they pull your permit for you? If a permit is required for your project PT will always pull your permit for you for the cost of the actual permit itself and will be charged in addition to the contract. We do not charge administration fees nor ask you to pull the permit yourself; which is a sure sign that the contractor isn’t licensed or carry the proper insurance!




  • What percentage of their total business consists of installing
    concrete pavers?
    PT is a concrete and brick paver installation company -- it is 100% what we do.


  • Do they provide a written, itemized proposal  outlining the scope of work and terms of payment? We provide a professional quote which includes details of how we will install the project so there are no questions to the scope of your project or payment terms along with our terms and conditions page. We make sure every job has a drawing which includes accurate dimensions and will provide a copy upon contracting with us.


  • Do they take credit cards as a form of payment? Most do not, but we take Mastercard, Visa and Discover. A 3% fee will be charged for credit card transactions.


  • Will they provide you with customer references?  References are always available upon request and we can provide a list of our installations in your area so you can drive by to take a look at our work -- or, perhaps, a particular style, pattern or blend of pavers.


  • Do they have a portfolio of photos to qualify themselves? We have numerous examples of our work on our website, in our showroom and our brochures. These photos are PT projects, not stock or paver manufacturer photos.


  • Are they in good credit standing with their  suppliers? PT has credit accounts in good standing with all our major manufacturers and suppliers.


  • Do they have a current liability and workers compensation insurance certificate and will they supply you one as a certificate holder? PT carries $2,000,000 general aggregate liability and $500,000 workers compensation policies and will gladly list you as a certificate holder upon request.


  • Do they guarantee their work and will you be able to find them if you need them? PT provides a one year warranty on our labor and the manufacturers warranties vary from 10-20 years. We have been in business for over 9 years and maintain a beautiful office and showroom so you can find us anytime!



When looking for estimates on a project, watch out for these contractor types:

  • The Wanderer
    This type of installation company often does not have an actual office location, pays subcontractors and employees "under the table," subs its work to subcontractors that may not be legal business entities in the State of Florida, does not pay payroll taxes, and don’t hold workers compensation or liability insurance policies.
    They skimp on the installation using little or no base material and often use "B-grade" or worse pavers that were rejected as not up to standards by the manufacturer. By cutting corners, these companies can charge less and still make money, but put their customers who hire them in legal danger. Worker's comp can be up to 20% of payroll, but it is also protection for the homeowner against lawsuits from injuries on-the-job.
    Often, their warranty is useless, because they have moved on and cannot be tracked down easily.


  • The Low-Bid Specialist
    Low-Bid Specialists (LBS) are the guys who work cheap because they do not know the cost of doing business or worse, do not care. And, just like "The Wanderer", LBS' often use low-grade pavers purchased cheap from the manufacturers' "seconds" yard. Often, these same people will close their businesses to protect themselves from lawsuits, but re-open under a new name and repeat the process, continuing the cycle for many years.
  • Change Order Shuffler
    This type of contractor slides in as the lowest bidder, then once the project is under way, hits the customer with numerous changes orders -- thus making up for the low initial bid.
    Ultimately, their estimates are not apple-to-apple comparisons and they leave much out, hoping the homeowner does not notice. Often a good clue is that the estimate does not contain square footage or does not detail what will be provided. Another clue is when a drawing of the project is not done on site.
    Change orders can happen, but should only occur if they are providing something beyond the scope of the original contract/terms and conditions and only through customer approval and sign-off.


What to expect when you’re expecting pavers:


Your pavers are being specially made for you to your specifications. The manufacturer has lead times and can usually give us an approximate time frame of when they will be making your brick. Please be patient with this time frame. We are at the mercy of the manufacturer and cannot speed up the process. If you become frustrated, our recommendation is to stick with your original choice and wait for the product. You picked it for a reason and to change your order will only reset the clock on the original estimated lead time or it may limit you to something you are not as enamored with. We suggest you never compromise or settle on your paver choice. The extra time you may have to wait will be a worth it and you will be appy you waited.


If you are having a driveway installed, a permit is required in most
Some, but very few areas require a permit for new patios and walkways in the front or back of your property. For cost of the permit we will obtain the permit for you. We will need a copy of your survey and a filled out Notice of Commencement form that we have here at our office - or you may pull the permit yourself. We have much of the paperwork that you will need and can guide you through the process, plus we have a notary on staff to help make the process easier.   Your contract should show who will pull the permit if it is required.


If you live in a deed restricted community, some homeowners associations require approval prior to work being done. This is separate from a municipality permit. Please make sure you have the proper approvals.


As your production date gets closer, please do not fret that your pavers will arrive unannounced. We will contact you with the estimated date of arrival and when our crew will install. Depending on your job, you will be receiving base material or sand or both. The pavers may have to be placed in your grass and the base/sand on your driveway. Most municipalities frown on any materials being placed in the street for safety reasons. If you have a specific area you would like this material to be placed, please let us know and we can inform the manufacturer dispatcher. Please be aware that these drivers are not our employees and sometimes do not do as instructed.


You may receive a Notice to Owner. This is a notice allowed by the Florida construction lien laws from the manufacturer of your pavers. This is intended to let you know that the manufacturers can expect payment directly from you if they do not receive payment from us. We have credit accounts with all of our manufacturers and we have 60 day terms from date of shipment to your jobsite. If you receive a Notice to Owner (usually arriving by certified mail), do not panic. This is not a lien on your property. After completion of the installation and we have received your final payment, we will send you what is called a “final release” that releases you from responsibility for payment of these pavers. You should attach this with the Notice to Owner and keep it with your house files.


If excavation is required, you will be notified in advance as to the approximate time a bobcat will arrive and remove the material prior to our installation. We try to schedule this excavation the day before the installation begins so as to reduce your downtime of this area (typically driveways). We contact Sunshine State One Call utility location services (“No Cuts”) so that known utilities will be marked. “No Cuts” marks mainly in your right-of-way.


Please keep in mind that we cannot see pipes, sprinklers, wires, etc. that are underground.   If you are aware of where sprinkler lines, etc. are PLEASE mark them for us. We are not responsible for broken sprinkler pipes, cable lines, water pipes, etc. Often times, a break can be fixed very easily by us for no charge, but on occasion they must be fixed by a professional. Keep your landscaper’s number, etc. handy if it is beyond our capabilities. Alternatively, we can contract an experienced irrigation specialist for an additional charge for the work if you so desire.


Your project will be a construction site. Things will get messy, noisy and dusty. There will be dirt, bricks, base, sand etc. at the end of the job. You are not responsible for cleaning up the leftover debris. We will send out a cleanup crew for the large debris and will also hose down the areas where we were working. There will be dust. Keep all doors and windows closed during the installation. If you are planning on having your windows or cars washed, please schedule for after the installation. Also, it is a good idea to inform your immediate neighbors so they can plan accordingly as well. As you know, water will make its way into anything. It is a good idea to place towels inside at the base of doors and any other place where water will penetrate.


If you are having your pool deck remodeled and coping is being installed, sometimes it is necessary to remove the cap tile around the edge of your pool. We will strive to remove the cap tile with care, however, there is a chance that the waterline tile may be chipped or cracked in the process. While we are not responsible should this occur, we will work with one of our pool contractors to assist you in finding a possible solution.


You should arrange a pool cleaning after pool deck installations. We take great care when adhering and grouting the coping and sweeping joint sand into the pavers. We float bubblewrap or styrofoam to lessen the chance of these materials getting in your pool. Despite these precautions, it still may occur. This may stress your cleaning and filter systems so please arrange a professional cleaning after the installation and before running your pool equipment.


When sand is washed into the joints of the pavers to achieve the interlock, the sand becomes “clearish” and starts to float. After the water dries, some sand will settle on top of the pavers. You may remove it with a blower or sweep it. When blowing, please aim at a shallow angle so as not to blow out the sand from the joints. If you are experiencing any movement or clacking of the pavers within the first month after installation, please call us. We will re-sand to ensure a better interlock. After that time, all you need to do is sweep in a little sand yourself. Play Sand from your local hardware store works great.


Sand not filled to the top of the joints is completely normal. All that is required to maintain the interlock is sand halfway to three-quarters of the way up the joint. It does not need to be re-filled to the top. It will only cause your installation to continue to be gritty and sandy on the surface and you will bring it into the house. In addition, sand retains moisture which can lead to mildewing in shady areas.


We will leave you extra pieces of each style and blend of paver installed for replacement should a problem develop later. Please have a spot pre-determined for storage of the spares. While your quote was for the square footage to be installed plus a percentage for “waste” (cuts, bad pavers, extras, whole cube orders where partial cubes cannot be ordered, etc.), we routinely order above that amount to ensure we have enough and do not run short on your installation, creating unnecessary delay. The remaining pavers will be removed from the site within a few days.


Your concrete or clay pavers are not tile. Tile is typically ceramic or porcelain and has a very smooth surface. In tile applications, the tile is thin-set to the ground and grout is placed in the joints. This hides many imperfections of the sides of the tile and the cuts. Pavers are concrete with pigment added; sand is used to fill the joints. The sand is not meant to look like grout. There will be imperfections in the pavers and color dye lots will vary. The textures and colors of the pavers are achieved by the raw materials used to produce the pavers. Heavier aggregate surfaces, color variations, scuffs, chips, minor cracks, etc. do not mean the pavers are defective or damaged. Color and texture differences between thicks and thins may also occur. Efflorescence naturally occurs in some concrete products where a whitish film develops randomly on the pavers. Just as it appears naturally, it will eventually disappear.


To seal or not to seal. Sealant on your pavers is a personal preference. Cleaning and sealing is not included in the price of the installation. We can recommend a few companies to perform this service or it can be a good do-it-yourself project. Certain sealants should not be applied until at least 30 days after installation to allow your pavers to fully cure and breathe. Other manufacturer sealants may not last as long due to lower solids content. If weeds or ants are a concern, sealant will deter for a short period of time, but eventually nature will win. There are also joint stabilizer products that will help if this becomes a concern.


Payment is due upon completion of your job. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. We strive to be better than our competition in every way possible and it is important to us that you are happy with the entire process. Occasionally, there are minor corrections and changes – referred to as “punch-outs”. Our goal is to complete the punch list within just a few days. If there are punches to complete, you may withhold 5% from the final payment due until the punches are completed. The remainder is due upon completion of the punch list. Please remember that with pavers, corrections are usually simple adjustments, the odd cracked or chipped paver can be popped out and replaced; little is beyond a fix.






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